Tigerfishing the Lungwebungu in Barotseland: Group 4

The trip was worthy of all the hype. Some would say a once in a lifetime experience, however, I think it was that good that it is worth doing more than once! ” Grant Pringle.

The 4th group fished the Lungwebungu on a waxing moon and we found that the bream were starting to come on the bite on a more and more consistent basis. Grant Pringle’s 14lb tiger caught on the trusty old Redhead rapala ended being the largest tigerfish with Dave Tanner’s 7lb nembwe the biggest bream. One rather amusing incident that occurred – the boat of Don, Dave and Mike was generally very successful and stopping for lunch under a tree one afternoon, they traded a local fisherman an old rapala for his Lozi fishing spear used by the local villagers in Barotseland . However, the trading now started, they soon had the whole village running down with spears and came back with 5 spear for KWA 50.

The upshot of what happened when we next went past this village can be read in Group 5’s review…However, Francois Hattigh had another village cheering with delight when he succesfully hooked and landed his first nembwe spinnign with a Fat Rap and then kindly gave it to the brave 5 year old boy who had paddled his mokoro out to get it! Other notabel fish included Dave’s 13lb tiger, a couple of 11 and 13lb tigers caught by Martin and Johan Van Der Poel and also a great 12lb tiger caught by Donovan. Martin Van Der Poel landed a fanastic 6lb humpback which broke our camp record for this species at this point.