Upper Zambezi Tiger Fishing

All our fishing is done by boat (2 x 18ft Ali Boats and 4 x 15ft Fibreglass boats) and all equipped with GPS fishfinders, guides, nets, boga grips, 60hp 4 stroke Yamaha motors and come with unlimited fuel for fishing as well as fishing tackle.

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Fishing at Mutemwa Lodge

The Upper Zambezi River at Mutemwa is wide and varied from shallow rapids and riffles to deep holes (7m+) and eddies. The river offers up islands, reedbeds, grassy banks and mud wall drop offs and therefore the tigerfishing is varied and offers something for everyone from drifting a live bait to spinning or fly fishing in the rapids. IMPORTANTLY, we share our stretch of river with only one other small camp and so the water is extremely private and there has been almost no commercial netting on our stretch of the river.


Fishing at Sioma Falls

The Upper Zambezi River at Sioma Falls is deep and churning and the Zambezi River thunders through volcanic rocks creating massive eddies and whirlpools. Tigers love to use the deep water and currents to hunt and there are some enormous tigers waiting in this relatively un-fished water. Fishing can be done off the rocks on the side or by boat.


Optimal Fishing Times

Feb – April is the time for drifting with fillets and spinning against structure like grass margins and trees when the river is high and the water is discoloured. This can be very productive and large trophy fish can often be caught, especially on the fillets.

From May to September the river begins to drop and gets progressively clearer and we fish a lot with lures, trolling floating magnums, x raps and shad raps and spinning with Fat Raps and effzetts.

By October and November when the river is at its lowest and cleanest, we fish with lures and live bait rigs swimming small live tigers in the deeper waters. As the first rains begin to arrive from mid-November and December, we enjoy very good fishing when the waters start to freshen up again but before they become to discoloured.


Species on offer

Tigerfish is the major fishing attraction but we also have recorded excellent catches of nembwe, humpack and thinface largemouth breams, 3 spot bream, pink happies and Upper Zambezi yellowfish.