Upper Zambezi Tiger Fishing

Upper Zambezi fishing at Mutemwa Lodge and Sioma Falls - a 70km private and pristine fishery with good populations of tigerfish and bream.

Barotse Floodplains Tiger Fishing

What you need to know about the tiger fishing we offer on the Barotse floodplains

Fishing Tackle and Techniques

Advice, tips and recommended techniques of how to "tackle the tiger" that pertain to our past experiences on the Upper Zambezi and Barotseland. However, we are always keen to hear, see and try new things as well!

Moon phase Calenders

The moonphase is always a big buzz word for fishing so here you can view  the 2016 Moon Phase Calenders for Lusaka, Zambia and compare old stats on our leaderboard or plan your next trip.