Mutemwa Challenge 2014 Results

The Mutemwa Challenge for 2014 is over and the results are in!

We launched the competition in September and in early October, Mohammed Daya caught a lovely 15lb tiger on an Oargee Lure that looked set to hold 1st place for the rest of the year. However, during mid-November, the MPACT group arrived and had some awesome fishing resulting in 2 x 14lb tigers being caught. One by Josef Schabort and the other by Gerrit VD Merwe and both these fish then settled into 2nd place.

However, our last big group of the year – the Univision Group – arrived in the first week of December and Marjorie Forssman broke the Mutemwa Lodge record as well as taking poll position in the 2014 challenge with a 17.7lb beaut of fish. There was some debate as the guide’s boga grip actually measured this fish at 18.5lbs but according to the angler’s scale, the correct weight was 17.7lbs. Either way, the fish was good enough to win her 3 bednights at Mutemwa Lodge for 2015 – well done Marjorie!


This lovely fish meant that Mohammed Daya sadly slipped into 2nd place after having led for so many months and having secured 2nd place, it was then left to a Facebook “like” vote to see who would win between Josef and Gerrit to see who would secure 3rd place.


When the votes were tallied up, Josef’s fish took 3rd place with 29 likes vs. Gerrit’s 18 likes.

2014 (8) (2)


The Biggest Bream prize was straighforward and with the bream being generally disappointing this year, Moosa Patel won this title with his 4.5lb Pink Happy which amazingly was caught trolling an 11cm purple rapala!


However – our lucky draw prize still had to be won and with the winners settled, the remaining entry numbers were written on pieces of paper and in a random selection, entry #5 was drawn which happened to be none other than Gerrit Van Der Merwe’s 14lb fish that lost the 3rd place tie with Josef!

2014 (101) (3)


Well done to our winners and a big thanks to all who posted fish onto the leaderboard this year!


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