Lungwebungu Barotseland Tigerfishing: Group 1

As always, probably the best tigerfishing experience available. Good friends, fishing, hosting and service. A very exclusive experience.” Gary Hilliar.

The first group onto the Lungwebungu River 2013 – water that hadn’t seen a lure for 11 months – arrived on the 21st of July. Many of the chaps had kindly made the 2nd (and in one case, their 3rd up to us) to tigerfish of Barotseland. There was a lovely bright full moon hanging over the river and we were uncertain as to how the river would fish.
However, 1.5hrs into the fishing en-route to camp, Gary Maas decided to throw his RedHead Rapala onto a sandbar and he landed a lovely 16lb tiger!
We thought that this fish stood a very good chance of tying up the Calcutta (prize for the biggest fish) until Graham Thomas boated an awesome 18.5lb tigerfish! Other great catches included multiple trophy tigerfish, a 7lb nembwe and a number of good sized Humpback Largemouth bream. Although the river did have flat period associated with a full moon, there were still some lovely sized fish landed.