Barotseland Tigerfishing on the Lungwebungu: Group 2

Group 2 arrived during the waning / new moon period at the end of July and we were very interested in seeing how the fishing would go. The first afternoon saw a lovely 10lb tiger come out for Ivan as well a number of misses for Isabel Osborn in particular on very good sized fish. In fact, Rob was concerned at one point the tigers had decided to pull her into the river as her FireTiger got hit time and again – as can happen when tigerfishing in Barotseland.

Sadly, an abnormal tropical front blew in causing a spell of cold and heavy wind which definitely put the fish down. However, not before Ben Osborn landed an awesome 16lb tiger on a little Perch Fat Rap right in front of his tent during brunch! The fish was very well fought and handled considering the small treble hooks that the fish was hooked with.

However, this group was determined to notch up a species count and in the end, 11 different species were caught including some awesome nembwe, humpback largemouths, a 3.5lb pink happy and a species of bream previously only ever found on the Lower Zambezi system. We also discovered that the Lungwebungu is home to a very unique freshwater jellyfish.