Barotseland tigerfishing: Lungwebungu Group 7

The water had warmed up now nearly 4 degrees Celcius from our first group, it was new moon and we had high hopes of finding some good sized fish. The first afternoon saw Wayne hook and boat his first trophy tigerfish – a fiesty 10.5lb fish that went crazy at the boat and was very well fought in the end. The following day Wayne got his first ever nembwe – a 4.5lb beauty on a Perch Fat Rap and shortly thereafter, Andrew got his first nembwe in 5 years off the bank below the camp harbour. Interestingly enough, this fish was followed in by an enormous tiger that had repeated ‘hits’ at the nembwe. The afternoon session had gone very quietly when at 18.00, we ran one final drift and as Wayne reeled in, he hooked into a monster fish. The pressure for Wayne increased as 2 of the other boats rounded the corner to watch him fight this magnificent fish – an 18lb tiger that hammered his RedHead rapala. The next day, we set off for our 2 night adventure upriver and trophy fish were caught by Wayne, George and Mike along with some great nembwe.

Gavin had discovered a few backwaters with Group 6 and during Group 7, we explored these a little further. Almost everytime we found them to be very deep (up to 11m) and they almost always produced an awesome fish. Wayne took a 12.5lb tiger out of one as well as a nembwe and on the last day, Johan took a 14lb tiger on a little Perch FatRap out of another backwater. The discovery of these backwaters just highlights how little we know about this river and how much we can still explore it! There were more great trophy fish that came out for Paul, George, Lorraine, Wayne and Johan although, what would a fishing trip be without the customary ‘one that got away.’ In the last hour, Johan hooked a monster fish that would have seriously challenged Wayne’s 18lb fish but sadly, it didn’t come off, dropping the hook.