Barotseland tigerfishing: Lungwebungu Group 5

The Rolux Magnum Manne Trip arrived a few days before the full moon for what was set to be a big challenge. Two gold medals and two silver medals (largest and 2nd largest tigerfish and nembwe) were at stake and the team started in earnest straight away. Hennie Venter fought and landed a fantastic 8lb nembwe for what we thought would be the gold medal nembwe. Vlam also got it off the mark on the tigerfish page very well too with a tiger caught a few hours into the trip. However, the next day Bert Deysel got into action when he loaded his boat with spices, a bottle of white wine and fish griller – he was going to catch a bream, cook it and eat it with chilled white wine on the banks of the Lungwebungu. That’s exactly what happened – a 7lb humpback largemouth fell to his FatRap and in doing so, became the new Humpback Largemouth bream record. However, Hennie then landed a 12,5lb tiger and was wearing gold medals for both tiger and bream. The next day Vlam bounced back with a 15lb tigerfish and had reclaimed his gold medal for 30 minutes when Jan came into camp with news of a 16lb tiger in the boat! In addition to this, Gavin Johnson had gone out onto the river for some fishign with one of the boats and he walked away with an 8.5lb nembwe that took a 9cm SILVER BLUE rapala.  Therefore, in the end, Jan and Gavin took the golds and Vlam and Hennie, the silvers.

However, one amusing incident whihc had its origins in Group 4 (see Group 4’s account involving the buying of Barotseland fishing spears). Merwe Erasmus had landed a lovely 5.5lb humpback on fly when he suddenly saw a guy shaking his spear at us. I realised he wanted to trade and Merwe then kindly offered him a packet of hooks. We couldn’t get to the side of the river so I threw the hooks to him. He was so pleased that he immediately set himself up launch his spear back at us in thanks. We only just managed to gesticulate to him ‘NO’ otherwise we may have been making a trip to the Lukulu hospital with a Lozi spear in one of us!