Barotseland tigerfishing: Lungwebungu – Group 6

An excellent trip was had by all and more than likely most will be coming back!!” – Henry Gradwell.

Members of the Natal Rod and Reel fishing club and others joined us for some Barotseland tigerfishing as our 6th group. The highlight of this group being the 2 night expedition we did upriver from our main camp. This is a delightful (if somewhat rustic) experience where we fish upriver all day working all the good spots before finding a deserted beach to pitch a camp. We sleep in little pup tents and cook an informal meal around the fire at night. Pudding is in the form of Zambian coffee! We caught some lovely fish with Thys catching a couple 13 lb tigers, Graeme getting a couple of 11’s and a 14lb tiger and Hugh and Mike each picking up a couple of double figure fish.

There were also some excellent catches of nembwe and humpack largemouth bream as well. One amusing incident occurred on our first night upriver, some 50kms form main camp. The guides suddenly realised that one of the boats had slipped its knot and had been drifting down river for a few hours. Immediately we climbed onto the other boats and began the search by headlamp and torch – fortunately we recovered it a few kilometres downstream but it was a hairy 20 minutes navitagting a river full of stumps and sandbars with a very weak torch.

Another signifcant camp was our new camp record for a Thinface Largemouth bream. We only caught a handful of these predatory breams and Hugh Preston’s 4.5lb thinface caught on a Perch FatRap is a new Lungwebungu Camp record for this species.